About Will CarryOn

Will CarryOn is about sharing miscarriage, stillbirth and loss resources, and about sharing hope. It is for ourselves and those who follow us. Started by Erin Kuhn-Krueger in 2011 as a place to heal after the loss of their 4th child, Will CarryOn provides shared experiences and a collection of resources that are essential to survival. It does not take the place of these resources, rather serves as a conduit to guide those in need to the support that will best help them.

From organizations and support groups to online communities, blogs, publications and more, Will CarryOn is here for the moms and dads, families and friends who are trying to navigate through the pain, loss, grief and healing associated with miscarriage, stillbirth and babyloss.

Help us expand our resources by letting us know what has helped you through. Please email the books, articles, websites, blogs, support groups, etc. that have helped you, so we can help others.

In the end, Will CarryOn is about finding the resources and hope for ourselves and those who follow us, with the knowledge that we Will CarryOn: I Will CarryOn. My husband Will CarryOn. Our babies’ memory Will CarryOn. You Will CarryOn. And together, we Will CarryOn.

Follow us on Twitter: @Will_CarryOn and Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/WeWillCarryOn.

5 thoughts on “About Will CarryOn

  1. I admire your strength and while everyone is given unwanted and unexplainable challenges in their lives not many can handle them with the grace you have handled yours. A beautiful life is never an easy one but the beauty of life is that it can change for the best just as fast as it changed for the worst. There is a saying that has passed through many generations of my family and it was told to me during a horrific time in my life. “No matter how bad life gets, don’t ever wish time away”. Its almost impossible to not be overwhelmed with fear and pain when life seems to hold you at its mercy but it can and will change at any moment and you will find what you are looking for. Try and live today with optimism and hope that your world will change for the better at any time and find any way you can to enjoy this part of your life because all it is, is preparation for the next part. The drive from Michigan to Chicago is always going to be the same amount of miles but for some reason, depending on the obstacles present on each trip it can take 4 hours and on one occasion almost 8 hours. Either way, we always make it home. Your trip may take 8 hours instead of 4 but know deep in your hearts that you will still make it home.

  2. I just found the mother of all resources (no pun intended). I’ve been reading this and finding it fascinating and informative and very, very validating. It is available on inter-library loan

    Title: A qualitative investigation of the psychological experiences of recurrent miscarriage among women.
    Authors: Amato, Heather Cunha, Fordham U., US
    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, Vol 69(2-B), 2008. pp. 1314.

  3. I just found this blog, and I am so excited. I just started my own RPL blog (I’ve also had 4 losses) at theyellowblanket.wordpress.com. Thanks for putting this together!

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