Angels of Hope
Angels of Hope was created to serve as beacons of hope for those suffering from the emotional and physical absence of a child.

Bereaved Parents of the USA
Bereaved Parents of the USA was founded by a group of bereaved parents from across the country with the sole purpose to offer support, understanding, encouragement and hope to other bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents after the death of their children, brother, sister or grandchildren.

CLIMB (Center for Loss in Multiple Births)
CLIMB provides parent-to-parent support for all of us who have experienced the death of one or more of our twins or higher multiple birth children at any time from conception through birth, infancy and early childhood.

The Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family.

Faces of Loss. Faces of Hope.
Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope brings awareness to the issue of pregnancy/infant loss through stories and sharing.

Faith’s Lodge
The mission of Faith’s Lodge is to provide a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or loss of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future.

Forever Footprints
The mission of Forever Footprints is to ensure that families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss receive the best support, comfort, and resources possible. To do so, Forever Footprints provides families with direct services, educates the medical community to improve quality of care and response, and offers opportunities for remembrance to help families find their own path to healing.

Grief Toolbox
The Grief Toolbox offers tools for finding hope along the grief journey.

Grieving Dads Project
This Grieving Dads Project is designed to reach out to all bereaved dads and provide a conduit to share their stories. It is to bring awareness to the impacts that child loss has on fathers and to let society know that it’s okay for a father to grieve the loss of a child.

The primary goal of HopeXchange is offering support to those coping with miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.

The Hygeia Foundation
The Hygeia Foundation comforts and supports those who grieve the loss of a pregnancy or infant, whether due to miscarriage, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, premature birth, birth complications, genetic factors, illness, or any other cause. In addition, they strive to improve awareness of the impact of pregnancy and infant loss on families.

The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)
The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID—pronounced “inside”) is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and couples explore their family-building options. INCIID provides current information and immediate support regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infertility and pregnancy loss, and offers guidance to those considering adoption or childfree lifestyles.

March of Dimes
March of Dimes helps moms have full-term pregnancies and researches the problems that threaten the health of babies.

Love & Loss
Love & Loss is a pregnancy, infant, and child loss support group and a community of people who have endured the pain of losing a child (or children), or who are family members or friends of those who have lost little ones.

MISS Foundation
The MISS Foundation is a volunteer-based organization committed to providing crisis support and long term aid to families after the death of a child from any cause.

The National Center for Jewish Healing
The National Center for Jewish Healing was established in response to a national upsurge of interest in reclaiming ancient Jewish spiritual wisdom and resources that foster wholeness, hope, comfort and connection in the face of illness and loss.

Pregnancy After Loss Support
Pregnancy After Loss Support is a community support resource for women experiencing the confusing and conflicting emotions of grief mixed with joy during the journey through pregnancy after loss.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
RESOLVE is the only established, nationwide network mandated to promote reproductive health and to ensure equal access to all family building options for men and women experiencing infertility or other reproductive disorders.

Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye organizes remembrance services for people who have suffered the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy.

Sawyers’ Heart Project
Sawyer’s Heart Project provides immediate support and comfort to bereaved parents who have experienced a pregnancy loss, stillbirth or the loss of an infant through the distribution of hospital memory boxes.

The Seleni Institute was founded to better address women’s unique mental health care needs. Seleni strives to give women empathetic, comprehensive, evidence-based reproductive and maternal mental health care.
Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support
The mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life.
Still Standing Magazine
In the face of loss and infertility, the mission of Still Standing Magazine is to show the world that we are still standing. Holding fast to resilience and hope. Their mission is to help [others] embrace life for everything that it is after experiencing the loss of a child or infertility.
Stirrup Queens
While not technically an organization, Stirrup Queens’ comprehensive blogroll links to a community of support, all willing to share their stories and lend an ear.

StorkNet’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Cubby is a selection of articles, books, personal stories and support for those who have lost a baby or infant, and for their family and friends.

If you know of additional organizations, please email us with the details.


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