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Don’t Shame Us for Trying (Again): Pregnancy After Loss Support

Don't Shame Us for Trying (Again)

We’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today talking about the judgement loss parents often get for continuing their quest for living children.

“The thing is, pregnancy after loss is hard enough with all of the fear, anxiety and PTSD. PAL takes tremendous courage and vulnerability every moment, of every day of those 40 weeks.”

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To My Husband on Father’s Day (Pregnancy After Loss Support)


We’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today, with an ode to Double A for Father’s Day.

“At a time when many couples split up, you were the yang to my yin. Together, we figured out how to dig deep, and then dig deeper to find the courage and strength to try again.”

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The Pride in Sharing Mother’s Day (Pregnancy After Loss Support)


We’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today with a pre-Mother’s Day post.

“I’m no more his “real” Mom than she is. We are two Mothers who love their son deeply. We are two Moms who know the pain of not having their children with them. We are different. We are the same.”

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My Body the Rockstar (Pregnancy After Loss Support)

Self-CompassionWe’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today talking about the effects that pregnancy loss, and pregnancy after loss have on body image:

“I had always looked at my body as strong and capable, and here I was, no longer able to trust it. I was having an identity crisis, while simultaneously grieving and trying to conceive at the same time. I didn’t know who I was anymore.”

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When the Leave Ends (Pregnancy After Loss Support)

We’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today.

“On my last day of leave, I sobbed…we’re talking big ugly cries throughout the day, as though I’d never see Little E again. I was going back more exhausted then when I had left, and uncertain of how it was going to come together.”

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The Birth Plan: Pregnancy After Loss Style (Pregnancy After Loss Support)

The Arrival

We’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today.

“Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not faulting anyone for wanting things to go a certain way. Rather, as someone who has lost seven children, I can’t imagine requesting anything that could put my baby, or myself, in harm’s way. As they say, We plan, God laughs. And when it comes to pregnancy and delivery, focusing on what really matters is all that matters.”

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