Dads Matter: Pregnancy After Loss Support

DadsMatterWe’re over at Pregnancy After Loss Support today, shining some much needed light on, and support for, Dads.

“Of course you want to take that pain and sadness away from her. And now that she’s pregnant again, you have to be the strong one. You have to remain guarded this pregnancy to protect her, right? Not so fast.”

You can check out the post here.


One thought on “Dads Matter: Pregnancy After Loss Support

  1. Too often, the male half of the fertility equation is not acknowledged. They become our rocks and never-ending fountain of encouragement even though they are hurting too.

    It wasn’t until Grey stopped being that rock and joined me in grief over losing our pregnancies that we began to heal. It was a long journey to get there and it was hard to witness him hurting, but being together in that pain allowed us to come out the other side with more love, respect and compassion for one another. I was no longer alone on this journey and neither was he.

    Thinking of all those who are still waiting to resolve.

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