In Our Honor

This Sunday a new support group will meet for the first time. We Will Carry On is a “support group for parents who have experienced the death of a child through a miscarriage, stillborn, or early infant death. These parents are now contemplating or are already in the early stages of a new pregnancy, and looking for the strength and support to live through this stressful and difficult time.”

While it is a group that has been named in our honor, it has been created in our honor. The collective Our. It is a group to help babyloss moms, dads and partners navigate the often challenging and scary road that accompanies pregnancy after loss. It is a place to remind us of our strength and determination, while acknowledging our loss(es), grief and fears. It is a place for hope.

Now I should point out, that other than it being named after us, we are not officially affiliated with We Will Carry On. It is the brainchild of one of the hospital’s perinatal loss coordinator’s we’ve come to know. When we were first asked about our thoughts on a group like this, and the idea for the name, we were pregnant with the twins. We were honored and thrilled. Honored for the recognition of what Will CarryOn is about, and thrilled that our mission would be expanded. But I think most of all, we were ecstatic that we’d be able to participate and share our positive experience, having come so far.

Well, we won’t be participating and sharing our positive experience. At least not this Sunday. And honestly, who knows if we’ll ever get to participate by sharing our positive story. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share our story. The truth is, there are plenty of stories out there in this community—positive and not so positive. And we’ll continue to share those stories, and to spread the word of the support groups, resources and organizations like these to connect others with people in the know. To make this awfully frightening time a little easier.

Can you help us add to our resources? Email us with the groups, organizations, books, sites, blogs, etc. that have helped you through.